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The material is presented in engaging 10 to 20 - minute modules, which will clearly explain and demonstrate all you need to know.

Operations Package (ZAR 350)

If you are involved in an operational role in your organization, this is the subscription for you.

Packed with information, videos and self-administered tests, this course is one you will want to come back to whenever you need to check the facts, or understand the CPA more fully.

With the Operations Pack Subscription you can revisit you course as often as you need to.

Management Package (ZAR 350)

If you are a manager in the organization, this is the package for you.

This comprehensive package covers every aspect of the CPA that  managers need to be familiar with.


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Self Assessment

You can complete quizzes to help you understand the material covered in each session.

Marketing Package (ZAR 350)

If you are involved in a marketing role in your organization, this is the package for you.

This package concentrates on the aspects of Consumer Protection that apply specifically to marketing operations. With the Marketing Pack Subscription you can be sure your marketing efforts properly comply with the provisions of the CPA.

Executives Package (ZAR 350)

A company executive needs to be familiar with the entire CPA package.

Operational, marketing and management issues plus all the legal implications that impact on the CPA are covered; so you know where your organization stands at all times.



Technica CDX

Designed to meet the automotive aftermarket's national requirements, this new interactive automotive training program introduces learners to the principles and applications of automotive education.

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